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Welcome to the Vain Family!


We are excited to share our exceptional vanilla extracts with you and your customers! We are proud that our approach to vanilla is different, but it comes with a story. So, our goal is to help you easily recommend our products.

Vain Vanilla is unique because we only use the finest ingredients in our extracts. Mass market vanillas use high pressures and water, mixed with industrial alcohols to extract their vanilla as quickly as possible, resulting in a vanilla that’s as boring as it is predictable.

Vain only uses premium, sustainably sourced vanilla beans and top-shelf spirits. Since our vanilla beans come from around the globe, each has a unique flavor profile that we identify and match with a spirit to accentuate and amplify the hidden notes of the vanilla. The results are dozens of unique takes on vanilla. Our Tanzanian Vanilla in Spiced Rum tastes dramatically different than Mexican Vanilla in Kentucky Bourbon. There’s a perfect vanilla for every recipe!

To help you get started quickly, we’ve created a Welcome Kit, which includes a couple of sales sheets to help you understand the nuances of our products and suggestions for selling to customers. There are also product images, recipes, links to our social media, and a wholesale price list. With your first order, we will send you a Welcome Kit.

With each order, we can also send you small, business-card sized Recipe Cards. These cards provide recipe inspiration for customers and are a great take-away. All of our recipes are on our web site along with lots of information about each variety of vanilla. Our Flavor Finder is a great way to help customers choose which extract is the right variety for any recipe.

We understand each retail environment is unique and we are happy to help in any way we can.

It’s great to have you on the team — we can’t wait to share this delicious journey with you.