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Kate Banks, Founder

Vain Foods was founded in 2015 by Kate Banks, a self-taught cook and foodie, and her friend who is a trained chef with Southern roots and a passion for distilled spirits. Kate’s mom had given her a gift of vanilla beans from around the world and, with extra beans on hand, she set out to make vanilla extract as a gift for her children’s teachers. Her friend suggested she explore other spirits to create great flavors and ... Voilà! The most amazing vanilla extract was created! That summer, they formed Vain and set out to make exceptional vanilla extracts.

Since its inception, Vain has expanded its product line to more than a dozen delicious variations on vanilla. (And for those lucky enough to live near Vain HQ, some seasonal and enjoyable experimentations in vanilla-flavored foods.) Her friend has gone on to explore greener pastures (literally), but under Kate's guidance, Vain continues to grow and provide exceptional extracts for some of the nation's pickiest cooks, bakers, and bartenders.

The name Vain captures the essence of vanilla: exotic, flavorful, and bold, just like the bakers and cooks who are proud of every creation in their kitchens. There’s nothing boring or plain about Vain.

By combining high-quality spirits and the best vanilla beans available, Vain vanilla offers distinctive flavor combinations, making everything from cookies to your coffee truly remarkable.