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Iced Coffee with Maple Vanilla

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Iced Coffee Concentrate:

3 oz freshly ground (course grind) coffee beans

3-4 cups water

1 tsp Vain Tahitian Vanilla Extracted in Cane Rum

2 tsp pure maple syrup


In a 1 quart glass jar, place the coffee grounds, vanilla, and maple syrup.  Add water to fill the jar.  Stir to combine.  Refrigerate the jar 18-24 hours.  Strain the liquid into another jar or bowl using a mesh strainer lined with cheese cloth.  press the grounds to release all the liquid and flavor.  

Dilute the concentrate over ice with water or milk for a latte to your desired strength.  A good starting place is 5 oz concentrate to 3 oz water or milk.

Courtesy of @meltedkc